Swallow The Sun

SWALLOW THE SUN predstavljajo lirični Video za komad “Heartstrings Shattering” enega izmed komadov iz prihajajoče album trilogije  Trilogie “Songs From The North I, II & II” auf die Lauscher.  Vse tri plate izzidejo  13. novembra via Century Media in naj bi po besedah zasedbe izražale  “Gloom, Beauty & Despair”.

  “Songs From The North”-tracklist:

Part  I:

1. With You Came the Whole of the World’s Tears
2. 10 Silver Bullets
3. Rooms and Shadows
4. Heartstrings Shattering
5. Silhouettes
6. The Memory of Light
7. Lost & Catatonic
8. From Happiness to Dust

Part  II:

1. The Womb of Winter
2. The Heart of a Cold White Land
3. Away
4. Pray for the Winds to Come
5. Songs from the North
6. 66°50´N,28°40´E
7. Autumn Fire
8. Before the Summer Dies

Part  III:

1. The Gathering of Black Moths
2. 7 Hours Late
3. Empires of Loneliness
4. Abandoned by the Light
5. The Clouds Prepare for Battle