Norveški black metalci Svarttjern so podpisali za založbo Soulseller Records, pri kateri bodo spomladi izdali svoj četrti studijski album z naslovom “Dødsskrik”.

That’s pretty much all we know so far, but expect more details in the coming months. Svarttjern consists of HansFyrste (vocals), HaaN (lead guitar), Grimdun (drums), Fjellnord (guitar) & Malphas (bass), and their previous full-length (Ultimatum Necrophilia) was released by NoiseArt Records in 2014.The band also has a few festivals lined up in the coming months, like Blastfest in Bergen, Norway next month and Black ‘n’ Thrash Inferno in Essen, Germany in April.As usual, while we wait for new material from Svarttjern, here’s “Shallow Preacher” from Ultimatum Necrophilia: