Dvojec Stromruler je objavil besedilni videospot za skladbo Of Hollowed Souls & Distant Flame.
Njun prevenc z naslovom Under The Burning Eclipse bo izšel 28. maja pri založbi Napalm Records.

Reign Of The Winged Duke

Spisek skladb, ki se bo nahajal na njunem prvencu:

1. The Shine Of Ivory Horns
2. Reign Of The Winged Duke
3. The March Onto Golden Lands
4. Age Of Steel & Blood
5. Culling Of The Blood Moon
6. Blood Of The Old Wolf
7. Journey To The Unknown
8. Under The Burning Eclipse
9. Prithee, Chosen
10. Of Hollowed Souls & Distant Flames
11. An Empire Of Ash & Dust
12. At The Cliffs Of Azure City
13. Illuminating The Ancient Sky
14. Dawn Of The Eternal Fire
15. A Message From A Foreign King
16. Mark Of The Valkyrie
17. Blood Ritual
18. Fear The Old Blood
19. Fields Of Mortal Shame