SCORPIONS so ob 50 letnici obstoja izdali poseben deluxe box- tokrat predstavljajo “Taken by Force” in  “Blackout”.

Traklist “Taken By Force”-Deluxe-Edition: 01. Steamrock Fever, 02. We’ll Burn The Sky,03. I’ve Got To Be Free,04. The Riot Of Your Time,05. The Sails Of Charon,06. Your Light,07. He’s A Woman – She’s A Man,08. Born To Touch Your Feelings, 09. Suspender Love (Bonustrack), 10. Busy Guys (demoverzija Bonustrack), 11. Believe In Love ( demoverzija, Bonustrack), 12. Midnight Blues Jam (demoverzija, Bonustrack), 13. Blue Dream (nedokončana  Instrumental-verzija, Bonustrack) in 14. Born To Touch Your Feelings (bisher unveröffentlichte Demoversion, Bonustrack)

Disc 01

01. “Blackout”

02. “Can’t Live Without You”

03. “No One Like You”

04. “You Give Me All I Need”

05. “Now!”

06. “Dynamite”

07. “Arizona”

08. “China White”

09. “When The Smoke Is Going Down”

10. “Blackout (Unreleased Demo Vers.) (Bonus Track)”

11. “Running For The Plane (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)”

12. “Sugar Man (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)”

13. “Searching For The Rainbow(Unreleased Demo Song)(Bonus Track)”

14. “Searching For The Rainbow(Unreleased Demo Song)(Bonus Track)”

Disc 02

01. “No One Like You (Video Clip)”

02. “Arizona (Video Clip)”

03. “Blackout (Rock Pop In Concert)”

04. “Loving You Sunday Morning (Rock Pop In Concert)”

05. “Coming Home (Rock Pop In Concert)”

06. “Always Somewhere (Rock Pop In Concert)”

07. “Holiday (Rock Pop In Concert)”

08. “Can’t Live Without You (Rock Pop In Concet)”

09. “Dynamite (Rock Pop In Concert)”

10. “Can’t Get Enough (Rock Pop In Concert)”

11. “Make It Real (Not Broadcasted)(Rock Pop In Concert)”

12. “The Zoo (Not Broadcasted)(RockPop In Concert)”

13. “Interview pecial with R.Schenker,K.Meine,M.Jabs,H.Rarebell”