OVERKILL bodo 16. aprila 2016 v Turbinenhalle 2 v nemškem mestu  Oberhausen odigrali poseben koncert. Za 25 letnico izida albuma “Horrorscope” in 30-letnica plate “Feel The Fire” bodo newyorški  thrasherji odigrali obe plati v celoti. (seveda bodo koncert ujeli z kamero in bo kasneje  izšel v DVD formatu. Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth in Overkil v naši secirnici tukaj!

Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth states:
“This April in Oberhausen we will celebrate not one anniversary but three in one, by recording for DVD, »Horrorscope« and »Feel The Fire« in their entirety, and 30 years touring Germany. Why Germany? Well this is where it all started for us, and truly our first home when it comes to live performance. It is not so much the celebration of the releases but more so one that celebrates our solidarity and commitment to the Deutsche-metal scene from the beginning….so join us, be loud and above all BE metal! Over the wall boys and give ’em the cold steel!”

»HistoriKill: 1995 – 2007« includes the following albums:

»Wrecking Your Neck«
»The Killing Kind«
»From The Underground And Below«
»Hello From The Gutter«
»Wrecking Everything«
»Killbox 13«

Bonus CD track list:
01. Blood Money (Demo)
02. Horrorscope (Demo)
03. Soulitude (Demo)
04. Killogy (Demo)
05. Old School (Remix)
06. Skull And Bones (Remix)
07. Under One (Tracking Mix)
08. Man In Black (JOHNNY CASH cover)