26 let nazaj je MSG balada “Anytime” pristala na ameriških lestvicah. Komad se je nahajal na albumu MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP “Save Yourself” (1989) in je imel dva avtorja;  Robin McAuley in  Steve Mann. Novo verzijo komada lahko najdete na jabolčnem  spletnem portalu,  ki uničuje  musko  TUKAJ


Steve Mann, je bil takrat kitaris/klavijaturist za  MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP  pravi: “When Robin and I originally wrote the song back in 1988, we knew we had crafted something very special,” said Steve. “The idea of re-recording ‘Anytime’ presented the perfect opportunity to revamp the song as well as make it available as a digital download.  “It’s been absolutely fantastic working with Robin again after all this time and I was stunned to hear him singing better now than ever. His performance on this new version tops even the original in my opinion. We are really proud of this new recording.”