necrosphere1 Še en album, katerega založba Bret Hard Records dne 6tega novembra pošilja na prodajne police in to  death metalčke –Necrosphere “The end of all Flesh”.


There seems to be something in the plentiful rain-water of southern Westphalia, that leads to a certain fondness of Death Metal that simultaneously bears the attributes “stylish” and “nasty”. Necrosphere from Siegen, Germany are now producing evidence of that again, with the release of the follow-up to last year’s debut album “Viral Ressurection”. THE END OF ALL FLESH is a delightfully riff-heavy piece of Death Metal. Produced by Nico Rubner and Necropshere at Marburg Records Studio and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony, this piece of lead invites you to put the booze on ice and sharpen the axe. The new songs will be baptised in fire at Siegen’s infamous VORTEX SURFER club, where NECROSPHERE are sharing the stage with Spreading Miasma, Demonbreed and Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench.

Carsten (Drums), Micha (Bass), Roman (Guitar), Saschinski (Vocals), Steven (Guitar)

01 Prelude To Extermination
02 The End Of All Flesh
03 Necromanic Butchery
04 Carrion Sculpture
05 The Septic Mind
06 Condemned To Suffer
07 Severed Head Masturbation
08 Blunt Force Surgery
09 Incineration Beyond Recognition
10 Hordes Of The Rotten