Mustasch_2015_PatricUllaeus_LandscapeDanes je preko  zalozbe Gain Music/ Sony izsel Album Testosterone” zasedbe MUSTASCH. Pevec Ralf o novem albumu ;

“On our new album which will be titled “Testosterone” I deal with my manhood, dignity and tenderness. Testosterone have unfortunately had a negative connotation. Why, then, I wonder?
Macho is something I have never recognized in me. To take care of my loved ones has always been more important to me.

On the new album I have released just everything! David and our producer Richard Löfgren went off to Tenerife and wrote songs. Jejo have been given free rein with his drum playing without me being there and anxiously poking and spreading unrest. Now that I don´t play any guitars on the album, I hear the fierce guitarist David de facto is – something I had completely missed .. Stam is one of the world’s best bass players, so there’s everything as usual (phew)!

How will this new album sound then? A record with a musical theme, I can proudly say. A record where the whole band has been through and added their touch and the producer has been very responsive. There are big, hard riffs, double bass drums (yes!) And thanks to that I can devote all my time and energy on vocals and lyrics: large and numerous choral arrangements.

A burden lifted from my shoulders, the new sound being formed, both hard and soft at the same time. Nothing I am ashamed of, quite simply – I stand up for my manhood. But if you’re big and strong you should be able to behave well!”

//Ralf. Ambassador of rock ..!