megadeth2015officialpromo_638MEGADETHov nov album se je snemal v  Nashville, Tennessee producenta sta bila;  Dave Mustaine in  Toby Wright (ALICE IN CHAINS, KORN). Mix je prispeval  Josh Wilbur  (LAMB OF GOD, ALL THAT REMAINSin GOJIRA. Kot smo že napovedali “Dystopia”  označuje novo prelomnico v zgodovini benda z dvema novima članoma,  bobnarjem zasedbe  LAMB OF GOD, Chris Adler ter  brazilskim kitaristom Kiko Loureiro (ANGRA).
megadeth-dystopia“Dystopia” track listing:
01. The Threat Is Real
02. Dystopia
03. Fatal Illusion
04. Death From Within
05. Bullet To The Brain
06. Post American World
07. Poisonous Shadows
08. Look Who’s Talking  (bonus track)
09. Conquer Or Die
10. Lying In State
11. The Emperor
12. Last Dying Wish (bonus track)
13. Foreign Policy (FEAR cover)

Skupina je tudi posnela priredbo komada  “Melt The Ice Away” (BUDGIE).

The song “Poisonous Shadows” features piano playing from Kiko as well as orchestration from famed Nashville arranger Ronn Huff, the father of former MEGADETH producer Dann Huff. Mustaine described the track as “a really haunting piece” and added that “the part that [Kiko] played is very Chopin-meets-MEGADETH, if that makes sense.”

Mustaine  “There’s a lot of riffing going on in there, that’s for damn sure,” he said. “There’s a lot of solos, a lot of pounding drums and bass. I knew from the start that I wanted to go back to my roots, and I wanted to make a thrash record.”