Otroški vrtec je v mestu, nek radijski novinar je predvčeraj imel intervju z Vince Neilom. Intervju se je pričel “normalno”  in potem je ta novinar malce potipal na “slab” odnos med Mötley Crüe in Metallico, ki visi  v ozadnju  že od leta  1997, ko je Lars obsodil bend, da igra na playback (glej spodaj) TUKAJ lahko poslušate intervju v celoti  (novinar je nadaljeval z neumnimi vprašanji čeprav mu je  Vince jasno  rekel, da z to zadevo nima  nič). Če pogledate fotko Larsa (straigt out of tempo) vidite, da je Tommy Lee  še malce podžgal “spor” na  žvižgaču.

On Monday I got word that Vince Neil of Motley Crue wanted to do an interview. I’m assuming for the December 15th show at the Moda Center. After talking about the upcoming concert, I asked about the feud between Motley Crue and Metallica that seems to have been reignited as of late.  Lars Ulrich of Metallica accused Motley Crue of using a backing tape during their appearance on the America Music Awards back in 1997. That caused Nikki Sixx to say this…

Dear, Sweet, Fat, Balding Larz (love the make up babe!). Taking your ever moronic soapbox position on a subject that’s NONE of your f***ing business has made you to be an a**hole as usual.

“Considering that me and Tommy know that your live tapes have been re-recorded, And ALL your instruments were repaired in Pro Tools (and had the balls to lie to your fans and call it a ‘live’ album)…People in glass houses should NOT throw rocks!!! considering you decided to take your bullsh*t to the press, we feel its only fair to return the punch!! You are such a poseur and thanks for releasing that ‘load’ of sh*t CD of yours…you made more room for us.”

So, of course I wanted to ask him about that, but that apparently opened up a giant can of butthurt.