Master - "An Epiphany Of Hate"

MASTER spodaj predstavljajo spot za komad  ‘Face Your Fear’ , ki se nahaja na novem albumu   “An Epiphany Of Hate”. Plata izide  29.  januarja kot  als CD/digital in dne 26. frebruarja kot LongPlejka via FDA Rekotz.  “An Epiphany Of Hate”-Tracklist: 01. Subdue The Politician
, 02. Fiction Soon Becomes Reality,03. Face Your Fear,04. Just Be Yourself,
05. Just Take My Right Arm,
06. An Epiphany Of Hate, 07. It’s Clearly Eden,08. The People Of The Damned, 09. Senses All Will Be Controlled in 10. Red Alert (Paul S.  fotka by Jiří Veselý )