HELLS HEADBASH – 15th year anniversary fest – DVD je napovedan za spomladi naslednje leto. Info TUKAJ

Satanic Warmaster, Archgoat, Profanatica, Midnight, Deathhammer, Deiphago, Destruktor, Acid Witch, Abysmal Lord, Aevangelist, Bat, Black Witchery, Blood Feast, Bonehunter, Cemetery Lust, Cianide, Deceased, Demonic Christ, Embalmer, Evil Army, Gravewurm, The Haunting Presence, Hellvetron, High Spirits, Inquisition, The Lurking Corpses, Manticore, Nexul, Nocturnal Blood, Nyogthaeblisz, October 31, Perdition Temple, Prosanctus Inferi, Sacrocurse & Shitfucker
+Crowd footage and exclusive interviews with: Satanic Warmaster, Inquisition, Deathhammer, Destruktor, Deiphago, Antichrist Kramer, Nocturnal Blood/The Haunting Presence and Shed the Skin

Audio featured in this trailer: Bonehunter, Deathhammer, Satanic Warmaster