Gomorrah bodo dne 15. januarja via Test Your Metal Records izdali album “The Haruspex come”. Spodaj lahko prisluhnete komadu  “Dismantling The Throne”

Bowen Matheson:”This track started out as a back burner track, and it basically re-wrote itself in the studio. Jeff had no set vocal patterns written for it, but when he did the black metal influenced high vocals at the beginning I knew the exact direction we needed to take with it. I wrote the entire solo based entirely off of a one take improvised solo that I did for the track in pre-production. It all came together so easily and it became one of the strongest tracks on the record.”


Track Listing: The Haruspex

1. Imperial (1:55)

2. Nine Kings of Sulphur (3:17)

3. Carcosa (2:31)

4. Dismantling The Throne (2:59)

5. Sitra Achra (3:51)

6. Crowns of Flesh (3:50)

7. Cerulean (3:05)

8. Venom and Rapture (4:14)

9. Architects (1:33)

10. The Mark of Veritas (3:40)

Album Length: 30:59