JANE’S ADDICTION kitarist  Dave Navarro predstavlja dokumentarec “Mourning Son”. Navarro je zapisal zgodbo, ki jo je na celuioid posnel Todd Newman (producenti so  Navarro, Newman in  Larissa Swan) . Film izzide  via VOD dne 1.decembra in opisuje dogodek v katerem je Dave kot 15letnik izgubil svojo mater  Constance . John Riccardi  (bivši partner njegove mame) jo je brutalno umoril.

Navarro said in a statement: “Sharing my experiences could serve as a tool to help those who have survived the trauma of losing a family member to murder… or loss of any kind for that matter. Many of us invent our own coping skills. ‘Mourning Son’ is my journey of discovering which of these mechanisms might send me further into suffering and which would help me recover and heal.”