Century Media Records recently started a collaboration with Anders Fridén (IN FLAMES) and his label Razzia Notes Records. BLACK TEMPLE from Helsingborg, Sweden, will be the first release Razzia Notes licensed to Century Media for all territories outside of Scandinavia and North America.blacktemple


BLACK TEMPLE’s album debut, “It All Ends”, is an intense story with impressive dynamics. With Magnus Lindberg (CULT OF LUNA) in the producer’s seat the band, that has been called the country’s most violent live act, explores new territory in their musical landscapes: A primitive primordial drive fights it out with immediate melodies, performed with an ever present sense that each note can be the last. The end may be near, but “It All Ends” is just the beginning.


Anders Fridén comments: ”First time I heard Black Temple I freaked and I said to myself, I gotta work with these guys somehow. The whole expression of their music is a perfect introduction to Razzia notes and our new collaboration with Century media. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of ”It All Ends”, it’s a monster of an album.”


Jonas, singer and bass player comments: “To become label mates with three of my favourite bands at the same time is a bit like a wet dream… I mean, c’mon – Dark Funeral, Marduk and Watain… And this is just the top layer, in my opinion, of what this behemoth of a label has released thru the years. Simply – such a great honour!”