Najnovejša pridobitev založbe Hells Headbangers Records so italijanski speed/thrash/black metal manijaki Barbarian, ki bodo prihodnje leto izdali novi studijski album z naslovom “Cult Of The Empty Grave”. Children Of Technology in Barbarian se konec leta odpravljajo na evropsko turnejo, v okviru katere bodo med drugim nastopili tudi 26. 12. v Trstu in 27. 12. v Zagrebu.

Tracklista albuma je sledeča:Bridgeburner, Whores Of Redemption,  Cult Of The Empty Grave, Absolute Metal
Supreme Gift,  Bone Knife in   Remorseless Fury

A statement from the band reads as follows: “Barbarian was formed in 2009, and the lineup has never changed – and that’s kinda awesome already – with the core being Borys Crossburn, L.B. Steamroller, and D.D. Prowler. After six years, Cult of the Empty Grave is the album that eventually nails it for us. It sounds very natural and dynamic – no overproduction of any sort, and no loudness-wars madness. The songs have a very distinctive trait, at the heart of heavy metal – raw, natural, and arrogant, because that’s the only way we know and we are able to. It’s REGRESSIVE METAL because we don’t care about what is fancy or whatever. HEAVY METAL IS EVIL, HEAVY METAL IS UGLY, HEAVY METAL IS THREATENING, and that’s the Barbarian way.”