Bad Company - "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy"

Best-Of zasedbe  Bad Company: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”

BAD COMPANY so svojim fenom pripravili best off plato  “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy, ki naj bi izšla 2. oktobra. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy: The Very Best Of Bad Company”-tracklist:
01. “Can’t Get Enough” (Single Edit)
02. “Bad Company”
03. “Movin’ On”
04. “Ready For Love”
05. “Easy On My Soul” (Alternate Version)*
06. “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”
07. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
08. “Shooting Star”
09. “Weep No More”
10. “See The Sunlight” (Alternate Version)*
11. “Live For The Music”
12. “Simple Man”
13. “Honey Child”
14. “Run With The Pack” (Single Edit)
15. “Burnin’ Sky”
16. “Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy”
17. “Rhythm Machine”
18. “Gone, Gone, Gone”
19. “Electricland” (Single Edit)
*doslej neobjavljeno