Nizozemski Pyriphlegethon  bodo  4. decembra preko Iron Bonehead   izdali vinil lp  “Night of Consecration”.

TUKAJ lahko prisluhnete albumu.

sporočilo založbe: IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special vinyl pressing of PYRIPHLEGETHON’s debut album, Night of Consecration. Originally self-released on CD by this one-man Dutch band, the album sold out in no time due to its limitation. IRON BONEHEAD became big fans of the record and felt it deserved a wider audience, and it’s easy to say why: scabrously raw black metal with a sublime balance of haunting, beyond-the-shade atmosphere and a mysteriously entrancing catchiness on the right side of “melodic.” While blastbeats and other uptempos are certainly employed, on the whole, PYRIPHLEGETHON sticks to the classic first-wave mid-tempo, where the latently anthemic nature of these tracks is ripe for the unveiling, soon worming their way into the listener’s subconscious like the blackest of magic. Melody, too, plays a crucial role in cutting through the blown-out fuzz, creating a curious disconnect that somehow connects: a Night of Consecration indeed!