Precekirite nov spot ameriske naveze METAL ALLEGIANCE; ki bo 18.09 preko Nuclear Blast Entertinment (ameriska pisarna,  ki je prevzela Roadrunnerjev rooster). Spot slisi na ime”Gift of Pain” in predstavlja naslednjo ekipo;

Randy Blythe– vox;
Alex Skolnick – gtr;
David Ellefson – bass;
Mike Portnoy – drums;
Gary Holt – gtr


When Lamb Of God asked Alex Skolnick to rip a guest solo on ‘Ashes of the Wake’, it was a big deal to us to have one of the legends of our scene play on our record. Much to my amazement, years later he returned the request, and it’s an even bigger deal to me to be asked on a peer level to contribute to a project with so many stellar players. I was honored to be chosen – ‘Gift Of Pain’ rips! Play it LOUD!” – Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)