Behemoth so vsem oboževalcem dali še dva razloga več, zakaj je obisk njihove prihajajoče evropske turneje “obvezen”(nov marketinški pristop). Na turneji (spodaj datumi) bodo namreč v celoti odigrali album The Satanist, predstavili pa bodo tudi ekshibicijski projekt The Congregation, pri katerem sodelujejo s kanadsko  “umetnico” tako imenovano ” Toxic Vision”. Poljski Hollywood metalci sedaj kopirajo kolektiv Ghost in pred koncerti postavljajo spovednice (v prmeru behemoth- majhen Sharonov razstavni prostor)  imenovane  The Congregation.


 Nergal: “We’ve always pushed ourselves very hard trying to reach the highest picks of artistic creativity. This time around we are not only coming back to perform »The Satanist« in its entirety, but are also bringing along a collaboration that’s unheard of! Toxic Vision, renowned and absolutely brilliant artist and designer from Canada whom we have worked with on several projects in the past (BEHEMOTH stage gear, video clip costumes…) will be accompanying us on this European trek with a unique exhibition called “The Congregation”! We are beyond excited to see how these synergies coexist! Sharon, it’s an honour to welcome you on board!”


Toxic Vision aka Sharon Toxic: “It is a real honour to work alongside BEHEMOTH and have this opportunity to bring a vision to life! We aim to dazzle and inspire, I am inviting everyone to step into the dark world of “The Congregation” – an exclusive showcase of my work with BEHEMOTH. Nothing like this has been done before, and of course, nothing is really as it seems with Toxic Vision. This is a culmination of craft and magic … once you step inside, you might never find your way out.”

29.01.    DK    Copenhagen – Amager Bio
30.01.    S      Gothenburg – Traedgarn
31.01.    S      Stockholm – Arenan
02.02.    D      Hamburg – Markthalle
03.02.    D      Berlin – Astra
04.02.    CZ    Prague     – Meetfactory
05.02.    D      Essen – Weststadthalle
06.02.    NL     Utrecht – Tivoli
07.02.    B       Antwerp – Trix
09.02.    F       Paris – La Cigale
10.02.    CH     Fribourg – Fri-Son
11.02.    I        Trezzo Sull‘ Adda – Live Club
12.02.    CH     Pratteln – Z7
13.02.    D       Munich – Backstage
14.02.    SLO    Ljubljana – Kino Siska