mantarUnderground senzacija, dvojec  MANTAR je  podpisal sodelovanje z Nuclear Blast Records. MANTAR so doslej izdali prvenec Death By Burning« ( 2014) in sedaj delajo (glej posnetek spodaj)  na drugi plati z naslovom  »Ode To The Flame«.




10.12.2015 Essen (DE), Turock
11.12.2015 Haarlem (NL), Patronaat
12.12.2015 Arnhem (NL), Willemeen
13.12.2015 Antwerpen (BE), Kavka
15.12.2015 Stuttgart (DE), Juha West
16.12.2015 Zürich (CH), Dynamo
17.12.2015 Bern (CH), ISC
18.12.2015 Nürnberg (DE), Zentralcafé
19.12.2015 Berlin (DE), Cassiopeia

“We never had any plans to think this big with the band, but for some strange reason people seem to dig it. Within just two years we got the chance to play shitloads of shows all over Europe and the USA and meet people from all over the world. Actually, we were not even 100% sure if we wanted to do another record, but there were so many people out there who were begging for more that we just gave it a shot. Well, here we are… Glad to have found a powerful partner that puts trust in the band, respects our DIY background and is able to finally poison the whole world with our records. Never stop the madness!”