Zgoraj si lahko ogledate spot zasedbe Revolted Masses- “Waltz For The Fallen”. Komad se nahaja na aktualnem albumu zasedbe  “Age Of Descent” (izzid  13. nov via Inverse Records). Spot je posnel in editiral Jim Evgenidis za  Icon Filmworx.

George Stefanis – vokali
Vaggelis Theodorakis – kitara
Kostas Karvounis – kitara
George Stathopoulos – bas kitara
George Anamouroglou – bobni

“Revolted Masses” (Demo – 2009)
”Seeds of Revolt” (EP – 2010)
“Us Or Them” (Full-Length – 2013)
“Age Of Descent” (Full-Length – 2015)

bio: Revolted Masses were formed in 2008. Their music approaches the area of modern death/thrash metal, with a unique touch of oriental elements. Their lyrics are mainly of a radical political nature. “Age Of Descent” is their second full-length album, consisted of 11 powerful tracks, It is self-produced, while the artwork is done by Manster Design (Tardive Dyskinesia). The music video for the track “Waltz For The Fallen” is directed by Jim Evgenidis (Head Cleaner). Numerous guests have participated in the album, like Fotis Benardo (ex- Septicflesh). The album is released under Inverse Records November 13th and it is available all over Europe.