Rock’n’roll is a never-ending celebration: of life, of good times, of the healing power of overdriven guitars. But while everyone is invited to the party, only a select few are able to tap into rock’n’roll’s spirit and essence. Formed just over a decade ago in Adelaide, South Australia, the mighty Tracer plainly have access to that hotline to rock’s heart and soul.


 Over the course of two widely praised studio albums and a seemingly remorseless slew of acclaimed live performances all over the globe, this swirling firestorm trio have firmly established themselves as one of the most vital young bands around. With a sound that takes the bluesy core of the finest hard rock and welds it to a gleaming but endearingly rusted chassis of stoner rock and powerhouse grunge.

TRACER Water For Thirsty Dogs-band

 Recorded at Echo Bar Studios in North Hollywood, Los Angeles and produced by the band themselves, in collaboration with master engineer and mixing maestro Erik Reichers, this is not just the finest record Tracer have ever made: it’s a bar-raising monument to the passion and belief that continues to drive this band forward

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