Damien Lawson (vocals) states: “The underlying message behind AWAKEN THE EMPIRE has always been about teaching people that they need to fight for their dreams at any cost, and that they don’t just have to follow the path that’s been given to them. With the release of our album Aurora, and the tour dates we have lined up for the rest of the year, we have an amazing opportunity to show everyone that we actually live what we talk about. We can’t wait to meet our fans all individually, and inspire them to wake up, and start living the life they dream of.””On a daily basis we hear from people, that what separates us from other bands is that we don’t just play songs, we convey a real energy and emotion that is more of an experience than a performance. That is the ultimate compliment, because all of our songs have been born from a place that is so raw, and real, and not manufactured. It’s amazing to have new and current listeners alike recognize and embrace that experience.”

“I can’t wait for our fans to experience all of what Aurora is in a live setting. Our live show continues to get more elaborate and conceptual, and knowing that our movement is growing on a daily basis, I am so excited to see how everything will continue to grow and evolve!”
AWAKEN THE EMPIRE quickly ascended the musical ladder propelled by a groundswell of fanatical support from a dedicated group of early adopters. They had an official MTV Buzzworthy video, “Rise and Fall,” and won prime placement on the powerhouse brand’s website alongside Katy Perry and fellow upstarts Walk The Moon, not long after they beat Owl City for the #1 spot on the Pure Volume Charts. Aurora is armed with powerful anthems like the schizophrenic love song “Cross My Heart,” the resolutely aggressive “Cruel World,” and the defiant but uplifting “We Control the Light,” AWAKEN THE EMPIRE deliver a message of uncompromising self-realization and empowerment. Never accept the life you’ve been given. Fight for the life that you want.


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